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Since the Sopranos season finale HBO has come out with its own line of Sopranos paraphernalia. It is on their main website and it ranges anywhere from wine to t-shirts. Also there has been a lot of rumors floating around about a Sopranos movie, according to Nick D’Urso, who is manager at The Satin Dolls strip club also known as that Bada Bing in the Sopranos, has claimed that he is not going to make any huge changes in his club because he had a tip that they were going to make a movie. This gives us all hope that the Soprano legacy will keep going.

Step Into Their Lives Before They Step Into The Ring

Despite championships, adulation and all the spoils of success, questions still surround both Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto at this juncture in their careers. But in their much-anticipated fight this November, the answers will come quickly when the punches start to fly. Follow these two boxers on their road to the Middleweight Championship bout November 14th with live coverage of their training, and issues they are facing on 24/7 on HBO. The first episode in case you missed it deals with Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto drawing inspiration from family and the pride of their country as they prepare for their upcoming match. As well every tattoo "has a story" to tell and Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto have plenty to talk about as they discuss the significance of their tattoos as they pertain to their personal life and how they have given them motivation in the ring as well.

Also during fight week, don't miss the press conference, live weigh-in and tune-in directly after 24/7 to watch another installment of Overtime, live on This should prove to be another stellar analysis from boxing expert Jim Lampley as he will go into depth about this upcoming battle from statistics and stature to who wants it more. Be sure to check it out.

Now for all you Pacquiao fans you can checkout his Los Angeles arrival October 29th and workout of the day via slide show at

6 seasons strong

The Sopranos was on HBO for 86 episodes and 6 seasons. The show won five Golden Globe Awards, and 2 Emmy Awards, one of which for Outstanding Drama Series (this is the first T.V. Show to win that). People assume that the show has a bad reputation for being full of violence and sex - which maybe true - but if you can work your way past that, you will thoroughly enjoy the show. The staring role is Tony Soprano, played by James Gandolfini as head of the New Jersey Mob. For the final episode Tony and his family are sitting in a restaurant eating dinner, they are slowly being cornered by a group of people. Finally, at the end of the episode it looks like something huge is going to happen, when suddenly it goes to black. This was a great way to end the series because once again it caused huge controversy. People started freaking out because they thought that something had gone wrong with their cable boxes or a power out. Of course, this lead to many people thinking that there is going to be a movie. Stay tuned for more about the potential Sopranos movie!

Sookie Stackhouse as Anna Paquin

  • Anna Paquin moved to New Zealand when she was 4.
  • She plays Rugby, loves to run, play the piano, sing, reading, knitting, swimming and gymnastics
  • One of Teen Peoples Magazine's "25 Hottest under 25"
  • Attended Columbia University
  • Was number 93 on VH1's "100 Greatest Kid Stars"
  • Ranked #50 on the Maxim Magazine Hot 100 of 2008 list.
  • Confirmed that she was engaged to her longtime boyfriend and co-star Stephan Moyer
  • She is a Vegetarian
  • Plays the cello
  • has 2 cats and 1 dog
  • She won her first Oscar for her performance in The Piano (1993)
  • An Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in Jane Eyre (1996)
  • She was also in Fly Away Home (1996), Hurlyburly (1998), A Walk on the Moon (1999), Almost Famous (2000) and Finding Forrestedr(2000)
  • On the Cover is Nylon Magazine

Peronal Quote "None of the characters I've played are really like me. That would be boring. It wouldn't be acting."

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Life sucks

Sookie (Anna Paquin)is 25, a barmaid and a telepath. Her parents died in a flood when she was seven, leaving Sookie and her older brother, Jason, to be raised by their Grandmother, whom they called Gram. After Gram is murdered Sookie is left to live and maintain the house, which is later destroyed my Marianne. Sookie supports herself by working as a barmaid at a local bar, Merlotte's, which is owned by local shape-shifter Sam Merlotte, as well as occasionally utilizing her telepathic talents for the local group of vampires headed by Eric Northman. She is madly in love with vampire Bill Compton, and knew it right away when she realized she could not read his mind.
Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) grew up in Bon Temps,
Louisiana and worked as a farmer living in a house with his wife and children. After fighting for the South during the Civil War he was turned Vampire, against his will. Bill returns to his home town to take over a piece of property belonging to his last living cousin. Sookie and bill fall in love as he show remarkable and unusaul compassion for human life. Bill resents Lorena, his maker for the memories of his past and belives vampires are disgusting animals. Bill is devoted to Sookie and will do anything to secure her protection.

Erik Northman (Alexander Skargard) is the Sheriff and the most powerful vampire in Area 5, a territory that includes the town of Bon Temps.He is also the owner of Fangtasia, the local vampire bar. He is around 1,000 years old, mysetiouis and powerful any loyal to his kind. Erik has an obsession with Sookie and against Bill's calim over her, hes trying to make Sookie his.

Sam Merlotte (Sam Tramell) is the owner of Merlotte's resturant, the local hangover and center of Bon Temp. Sam is a shap-shifter he has the ability to to change into any animal he see, as long as its present. He has full control over this power except on full moons and he is able to heal himself quickly. He is a very nice, sensitive man but a hopeless romantic. Sam was incredibly in love with Sookie and heart broken when she choose Bill over her.

Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten) is a 28 year road worker. He is extremly sexual but not that bright. He is the local heartthrob and the girls seem to throw themselves at him. His sexyness gets him into quit the amout of trouble and into some sticky situations. He has the tendancey to not think for himself and allows others to manipulate his beliefs.
Nevertheless he is very protective of his younger sister, Sookie.

Tara Thornton (Rutina Wesley) is 26 and Sookies life long freind. She is a bartender at Merlottes and is very sharp-tounged. Tara is a string women who has dificulty trusting others. This is because she grew up in a home being neglected by her drunk mother. Suffering from this hate/love reationship with her mother, Tara overcomes alot of obsticles in her life.
Whats to come of season 3?

True Blood

Record-setting 3.7 million viewers, making it was the most-watched program on the network since "The Sopranos" finale two years ago. (12 million including on-demand and dvr)

Created by Allan Ball Won Golden Globe. Another 5 wins & 9 nominations
TV Drama starring Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Sam Trammell, Ryan Kwanten, Rutina Wesley, Nelsan Ellis, Carrie Preston,Alexander Skarsgard, Todd Lowe, Kristin Bauer, Deborah Ann Woll, Michelle Forbes

True Blood is a story about Vampires intergrading into society two years after the revelation that they walked among us. Merlottes Bar is the small tavern and gathering spot for all of Bon Temps, Louisiana resedents to come eat, drink and enjoy eachothers company. When a Vampire named Bill Compton played by Stephen Moyer moves to Bon Temp the once quiet town starts to unfold a strange, twisted story. Bill befriends Sookie Stackhouse played by Anna

Paquin, a waitress at Merlottes Bar with telepathic abilities and turns her whole life upside down.

Bit into the Basics; a guide for life (and after)

-Vampires have superhuman strength , hearing and speed.
-Vampires have a mind-controlling ability known as
"glamoring." -Vampires have the ability to lay claim” to humans (this is to keep other vampires from feeding on them)-Fangs, which pop out when you're aroused.
-Quick reflexes-rapid healing of wounds
-Some can fly
-Vampires have insatiable libidos (people who have sex with vampires are know
as "Fangbangers")


-Vampires are susceptible to viral infection by a mutation of hepatitis, known as "Hep D” (this can w
eaken a Vampire for months so they work to keep word of the virus out of the mainstream media)
-They can not survive in the sun-Wooden steak causing the vampire to erupt
-Silver weakenes them


-Vampires have no heartbeat
-Vampires have no brain waves
-They have no need to breathe and no electrical impulses whatsoever in their bodies.
-Vampires do not eat food-thye drink a jamanize synthetic blood called True Blood
-It is
unknown how they can he digests blood…


-In order to become a Vampire the “maker” drains the human, and then the human must drink from the vampire. The human then dies and then rises in 2-3 days
-A Vampire is always emotionally attached to their maker.
-Vampires cannot enter a residence unless invited in (but must leave the residence if the
invitation is withdrawn)
-Vampires live in “nests“: a lawless pleasure den inhabited by multiple vampires and,
occasionally, a few subservient humans who provide a steady source of food

Vampire Blood:

-Vampire blood is one of the most sought-after commodities on the black-market because of its potency (even though some humans have gone crazy after drinking it). The effects last depending on the amounts of blood that was ingested.
-Heals wounds and series injuries

Generic name: Vampire blood
Street name:
Street value: $600 for a quarter-ounce
Duration of high: Unknown
Dosage: 1-2 drops taken by mouth
Short-term effects: Heightened libido, awareness and senses; delirium
Long-term effects:
Heightened aggression; increased chance of addiction (which
results in severe withdrawal symptoms and cravings)

-When humans drink Vampire blood, they become more attractive to other humans and vampires, sexually potent, they gain strength, have more control over themselves and feel healthier
-highly illegal newest underground narcotic

Vampire Government

-Vampires live in “nests“: a lawless pleasure den inhabited by multiple vampires and, occasionally, a few subservient humans who provide a steady source of food
-Governed by the oldest vampire at that location, called the sheriff.
-It's against the law for a vampire to kill another vampire
-It is not yet legal for humans to marry vampires
-If a human is “claimed” no other vampires may feed off them

Hung On Anticipation

Season one of Hung has ended with one of their most drama filled episodes yet! Ray is concerned about getting laid off from his job, Tanya is left with an ultimatum of sharing Ray with Lenore as a Happiness Consultant or having no one to push around, and Ray’s most recent client is someone who he would have never dreamed of.
Because Ray is worried about the layoffs his school is doing, he is more than willing to work with Lenore – a professional in his eyes – in order to obtain money so that he can find a new home for him and his children. However, this upsets Tanya because she is afraid of losing him completely. As Ray tries to work it out with Tanya, Lenore presents him with a new client that turns out to be his ex-wife.
With such a brain spinning closure, the series have left the audience wanting more, panting for the next season of Hung. It would be no surprise if the premiere for Season 2 will surpass the 2.7 million rating it received for their Season 1 premiere.

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Call Them Crazy

First Anne Heche, co-star on Hung, calls her ex-husband, father of her child Homer, lazy on national television and then she’s being assigned a parental coach in order to learn how to cooperate better with her ex-husband when it comes to their son. Now Heche is keeping her two children Atlas, 5, and Homer, 7, away from her grandmother who she feels displays anti-homosexual feelings. Heche explains her reason from keep her children away from their grandmother by saying her mother “attempts to turn gay people into straight people... [and that she] stands up against love.”

Thomas Jane Interview About Dark Country

Sometimes actors and actress want to spread their horizons and try to enter different fields of entertainment and media. Actor Thomas Jane, of TV’s “Hung” has done just that with his directorial debut with the horror thriller “Dark Country”, which is on DVD from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. The film tells the suspenseful, twisted tale of newlyweds who make the regrettable decision of rescuing a sinister car crash survivor known only as “Bloody Face.” For a first time director, the movie’s unique visuals show strong performances.
Read our exclusive interview with Thomas Jane about his first acting and directing movie “Dark Country” and don’t forget to pick yourself up a copy!

Thomas, have you always been interested in directing?
THOMAS JANE: Yes, I have. Working with so many great directors, eventually you come to the conclusion that if you’re going to get anything interesting done, you’re gonna have to direct something yourself. I’ve really been thinking about this and looking for the right project to come along for a while.

Why did you choose “Dark Country” as your first time up at bat?
JANE: Well, I’ve been looking for something unique and something smaller scale - you know, there are only four characters in the film - something that would let me feel I could control it a little bit better than if it were a big budget film with a lot of locations and actors. I also wanted to direct something I could put a unique visual style to and have it makes sense in terms of the story. Movies like this aren’t being made or even considered anymore because today everything’s so big budget and caters to the largest audience possible. Shooting a small movie for the straight to DVD market gave me a certain kind of freedom.

During the film’s shoot, who was tougher on whom: Thomas Jane, Director, on Thomas Jane, Actor, or vice versa?
JANE: They were tough on each other [laughs]. You know, there’s no real handbook to directing yourself in a film and there are not a whole lot of guys who’ve done it. I did call up Mel Gibson and he generously talked to me for an hour and gave me so much good advice. He told me that when he directed his first film he was also starring in, he called up Clint Eastwood because he was nervous about it. Eastwood talked to him for an hour on the phone. He told him not to short change himself as an actor when directing. Sure, you’re gonna be pressed for time, and wanna do one or two quick takes on yourself and move on, but don’t do that. So, that’s the advice passed down from Eastwood to Gibson to me.

You and Lauren German have nice “honeymoon phase” chemistry in the film. Can you talk a little bit about your leading lady?
JANE: Well, Lauren’s a terrific actor. She’s got these classic American movie star good looks, but she can also really act. When I showed the film to people, they were really impressed with her. Anyway, she dedicated herself to this project and really gave it her all. You watch the movie and it looks like it’s a hot summer night and it’s not, it’s actually f*ck*ng freezing and the poor girl was the smallest person on the set and she had the least amount of clothes on [laughs]. She really hung in there and gave it her all.

Ron Perlman’s a fanboy favorite - how’d he come to be involved in the film?
JANE: Well, Ron’s a friend of mine. You know, I publish graphic novels, I’m a big comic book guy and I’ve got a site called with fanboy stuff on there and so it was just inevitable that I’d become friends with Ron Perlman since he’s such a man of the cloth. I also did a movie with him called “Mutant Chronicles” and we had a blast and became good friends on it. And, so, it was just perfect that I got him in the movie. He just fits that world to a tee and I’m very, very happy and proud that he’s in my film.

Was working with a low budget a creative blessing or curse?
JANE: You know, it’s both. We shot the film in twenty five days. But one of my favorite films is called “Detour” and it’s with a guy, a girl and a car and it’s about their adventures and misadventures on the road. This film definitely takes a page from “Detour” and they shot that movie in, I think, under two weeks, and it’s a classic. You use what you have to your advantage. Instead of trying to hide the low budget, I tried to make it sort of a star in a way and bring out what’s kind of cool and kitschy about doing things on such a low budget - kind of the way Oliver Stone did “Natural Born Killers” using these low budget techniques to create interesting visuals.

Do you have your next directing gig lined up?
JANE: Well, I want to direct “Devil’s Commandos” as a 3-D feature, but I don’t think I’m gonna have time because I’ve gotta do a second season of “Hung” and I’ve got several other acting projects lined up, so I’m gonna be really be busy. I think I’ll end up producing “Devil’s Commandos” and let someone else direct it. But I do want to direct another film. The learning curve is so steep on your first film that it would be criminal not to employ what you’ve learned on another one.

Would you ever direct an episode of “Hung”?
JANE: I don’t think that’s my strength. That kind of comedy directing…there’s so many guys out there who can do it better than me that I don’t feel I have anything unique to give to “Hung” except as an actor. So I’m gonna let the guys who direct things like “Hung” direct that and try not to step on their toes. If I directed the show, it would be very odd. A very strange episode, outside of what people have come to expect [laughs].