Wednesday, October 28, 2009

6 seasons strong

The Sopranos was on HBO for 86 episodes and 6 seasons. The show won five Golden Globe Awards, and 2 Emmy Awards, one of which for Outstanding Drama Series (this is the first T.V. Show to win that). People assume that the show has a bad reputation for being full of violence and sex - which maybe true - but if you can work your way past that, you will thoroughly enjoy the show. The staring role is Tony Soprano, played by James Gandolfini as head of the New Jersey Mob. For the final episode Tony and his family are sitting in a restaurant eating dinner, they are slowly being cornered by a group of people. Finally, at the end of the episode it looks like something huge is going to happen, when suddenly it goes to black. This was a great way to end the series because once again it caused huge controversy. People started freaking out because they thought that something had gone wrong with their cable boxes or a power out. Of course, this lead to many people thinking that there is going to be a movie. Stay tuned for more about the potential Sopranos movie!

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